Why Kobi Boaron puts good advice at the heart of home finance

Kobi Boaron has been an integral part of the Direct Mortgages family since 2012, when he came to us after doing a great deal of investing on his own. 

"I invested in a couple of apartments and helped to manage them, doing a real range of tasks," explains Kobi. "This gave me an understanding of why I really like real estate, so it was quite natural for me to learn the finance side of the business as well."

Today, Kobi is a huge asset not only to us but to his clients. We sat down to learn a bit more about what's behind his successful track record. 

What customers can expect working with Kobi 

When you speak to Kobi, his dedication to customer service is clear.

"I like helping people and I love to be a part of such an important milestone in my customers' lives," he says. 

"I love to be a part of such an important milestone in my customers' lives."

While much of effective mortgage broking naturally revolves around negotiating and securing suitable loans, Kobi says he spends the majority of his time advising clients. 

"I spend a lot of time listening to my client's needs," explains Kobi, "which is a skill that takes some time. My job is to be there to guide clients and help them achieve what they want within their means. This means dealing with a lot of people and communicating with all parties to ensure everything goes smoothly."

Most home buyers appreciate a great deal of advice. Most home buyers appreciate a great deal of advice.

The importance of a tailored approach to home finance

In the last five years, Kobi has learned a lot about how to work with different kinds of property buyers. 

"Investors really appreciate good, reliable service and a quick turnaround," says Kobi. "This won't be their first mortgage and they're a bit more confident and knowledgeable. With them, it's much more about finding the right loan and setting it up with a quick, reliable turnaround."

"With first home buyers, you'll need to spend a lot more time getting to know the customers, understanding their expectations and their budget and finding a way to make it all work. I spend a lot of my time advising them on the home loan process and how it will work with their budget." 

What's consistent across the board though is that when you work with Kobi, you can expect plenty of personalised advice and careful service.

Let Kobi Boaron help you get into your dream home. Let Kobi Boaron help you get into your dream home.

Taking Kobi's business to new heights in 2018

Five years into his mortgage broking business, Kobi's results speak for themselves. Not only is he backed by countless happy customers, but also new friends. 

Not only is Kobi backed by countless happy customers, but also new friends.

"Throughout the process you spend so much time getting to know your customers that they become your friends eventually," he explains. 

In coming years, he'd like to continue to give this level of attention to each client, but also find other ways to grow his business and clientele. 

"I'd like to try to understand the weaknesses and strengths of my business and address them where I can," says Kobi. "I'd also like to focus on finding alternative investments."

As a man who spends a lot of time following the Melbourne property market, Kobi has some keen insights for 2018. 

"I think certain places will experience more growth than others so it's important for investors to establish early. In my opinion, we're going to see bigger, older apartments have a better chance – places with larger floor plans that tenants can actually be comfortable living in will likely do better than some of the new age apartments being built right now." 

Of course, there's more to New Year's resolutions than business. Kobi also aims to spend more time with his family and continue to build a healthy lifestyle. 

"I love to spend as much time as I can with my kids," says Kobi, "Influencing them and doing everything to shape them as better people. Playing, running around, whatever it takes." 

To find out more about Kobi or any member of the Direct Mortgages team, reach out today or drop into one of our offices in Caulfield and Werribee

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