Kobi Boaron

Kobi’s foray into the world of finance and banking was sparked at the tender age of 13 when he wanted to negotiate the best deal for his 'sizable' birthday money. Understanding its value, he insisted to meet with only the managers of the three biggest banks: Kobi would accept no less than the best terms for his investment.

Fast forward to today, his ethos for tenacity, hard-work and a passion for obtaining the best results while having a great experience all throughout the process has not wavered. These are the cornerstones for his service focus for clients.

With 6 years of experience as a mortgage broker and several properties in his own property portfolio, Kobi’s acumen in this field is an asset. Having him on your team to advocate for you and your family’s needs will not only help to relieve the stress of navigating the current property market but also set you on the path to your financial goals.