Sajed, the youngest member of the Direct Mortgages family, got on board fresh from university. He made the decision that he would not pursue a career in Accounting and instead study the world of Finance Broking. Whilst working as a Client Services Manager, Sajed aims to complete his Diploma in Mortgage Broking and make the career transition into a Mortgage Broker. Since joining Direct Mortgages, Sajed has been mentored and tested throughout his career. Being a close-knit firm, he found the transition to the industry seamless. If you asked what his favourite aspect of the job is, without hesitation, he will say ‘the clients’. Like his mentors, he would also like to one day educate and give sound financial advice to his very own clients with the intention of benefitting their financial circumstance. Outside of work, Sajed finds relaxation in spending time and eating good food with his family and friends. He takes an interest to cooking and claims that he makes Michelin quality instant noodles. He is also an avid fan of basketball, playing and watching at every opportunity he gets.